WELCOME TO THE NEON ARENA, where friends come to slaughter each other in an unstoppable battle.

Unstoppable Battle of the Neon Arena is a two to four player local game in which the players, people who came to know and love each other after years of friendship, kill each other with sabers, missiles and laser beams. Anyone can enter the arena mid-game by plugging a controller in.

Features :

- Flying across the map to laser your best friend

- Dropping missiles from above and exploding everyone

- Cutting through the air with your neon saber

- Plug and play - A flawless scoring system

- A fully destructible environment

- An invisible off-screen lava lamp


- A battle that never stops, the game ends when you want it to end… or when you want to give up

Our goal here was to create a competitive game that can bring fun at the start, but slowly destroys friendship as it goes on. We tried to recreate the feeling that games like Mario Kart brought us : « It’s fun to play together… but that blue shell was bullshit! »

We really hope you will enjoy Unstoppable Battle of the Neon Arena

This game was made in 72h for the Ludum Dare 40.



Window.zip 25 MB
Map.app.zip 27 MB
Linux.zip 30 MB

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